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1.  Cody's full name is Cody Robert Simpson <3
2.  Cody has 2 younger siblings. One younger sister and One younger brother. Alli and Tom
3.  He doesnt like doing homework 
4.  He used to live in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, but now he lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.
5.  He plays the guitar,he swims, dances and surfs
6.  He speaks English and French
7.  Cody favorite colors are light blue and green
8.  He has a Mac Computer 
9.  He likes to say and tweets '1-4-3'. 1= I, 4=Love, and 3 = you
10.His fanclub name is Simpsonizer
11.Cody’s favorite book is ”Ice Stations” by Matthew Reilly
12.His dog named Molly
13.Cody’s favorite movie is The Hangover 
14.his username on youtube is CodySimpsonMusic 
15.He hates cheese
16.Cody’s favorite footballteam is Yankees
17.He ex girlfriend name Abby
18.Cody’s length is 1.62
19.cody’s favorite artist is Justin Timberlake
20 He is a talented swimmer, and winning two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships.
21.Cody’s favorite junk food is ice cream
22.Cody loves peanut
23.His favorite fruit is pineapple
24.Cody’s favouriote animal are turtle and eagle
25.Cody likes it when a girl is outgoing, funny, and can just be herself 
26.Cody is SINGLE
27.Cody says that he got started into singing from his dad singing at family barbeques 
28.He was discovered on YouTube by Shawn Campbell
29.Cody favorite subject in school is English because it helps him with his songwriting
30.He loves the show ‘The Mentalist’
31.His parents name are Angie and Brad
32.He’d date a fan if he liked her
33.He loves to talking fan
34.He wants to help charities.
35.Cody has been on tour recently promoting his new EP.
36.Cody trains at the Miami Swimming Club under coach Ken Nixon.
37.Cody's mother, Angie works as a valunteer at the club
38.In an interview with Popstar Magazine, Simpson stated that his inspiration for the song was "A girl, back home. That's all I can say."
39.His album '4U' has been released on 21 december 2010
40.He won in Nickelodeon Australia, Kids Choice Awarad as Fresh Aussie Musos, on 2010.
41.His twitter account is @TheCodySimpson
42.Cody's 14th birthday party was sponsored by Love Pastry Shoes
43.Cody got a mini fridge in his room, filled with mountain dew for his birthday.
44.For Codys 14th Birthday party, he had it at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles
45.Twist, M, &, Popstar Magazine are all offering for anyone to win a date with Cody Simpson
46.Cody loves italian food
47.The All Day MV is about a Cody dreaming about his dream girl, and then he actually meets her in real life.
48.Cody wear braces.
49.Cody has done a lot more than most anyone has ever done in there life time, and Cody is only 14
50.He doesnt like doing homework
51.At the Kids Kicking Cancer concert he was rewarded 'The Hero Award' for donating so much to charities
52.When Cody performed at the Jingle Ball concert in Miami, he almost passed out because there were so many people.
53.The weirdest place Cody has ever tweeted was in the orthodontist chair when he was getting his braces off
54.The All Day Music video is going to be released and on YouTube in early February
55.When Cody was younger he had a crush on Yasmin Baildon, but now there just friends
56.Cody and his YouTube channel made YouTube top 10 for 2010
57.There is a rumor going around that Cody may be doing a track with Justin Timberlak, but still not confirmed yet.
58.Cody, Lil Eddie, and Shawn Campbell have been working on Codys full length album, so far 5 songs are done
59.Cody made a video with his mates in Sydney at 1am.
60.Cody has 2 new songs coming out called "Age is just a number" and "Dancing in the rain" both have a techno vibe
61.Cody likes any hair color, but likes long hair over short hair.
62.Cody likes a girl that makes sure she looks good, but doesnt spend alot of time on it
63.Cody perfers slim girls, over curvy girls
64.Cody wants a girl that is sporty and athletic
65.Cody might be on an episode of the disney show 'Shake It Up!'
66.Cody made a tumblr, here is the link: www.LifeOfCodySimpson.Com
67.Cody still hasn't named his full length album that is coming out in the spring
68.Cody likes to tweet anything funny, to keep everyone interested, and fans can go a little into his personal life.
69.Cody says he wakes up in the middle of the night & goes on twitter from his phone, & his mom always yells at him
70.Cody says that the best way to see his family and friends is to skype with them
71.One day that Cody was at his PopStar! photo shoot, he skyped with his best friend Joe
72.Cody admits he often does get home sick, he misses his family, and friends, and where he grew up
73. Cody has green eyes, and has a black rim around the color of his eyes.
74. He would cook a girl italian food for valentines day
75.Cody's favorite ice cream is called Hokey Pokey! But he also likes vanilla with toppings
76.Cody's celeb crushes were; Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Jessica Alba
77.Cody continues to change his celeb crush, As of now his celeb crush is Victoria Justice
78.Cody  loves ketchup, and would eat it on anything, even salad.
79. Cody has had his first kiss & his advice for everyone is to use Tic Tacs.he likes the citrus twist ones
80.Cody is getting a recording studio in his new house in Los Angeles California

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  1. What is his favorite country?

  2. im about to make a video of cody .. thank you for the infos :D ..

  3. When was he born and when is his birthday??<3<3

  4. omg i love yhu cody simpson this is niquel eilts

  5. his birthday is january 11 and he was bron on 1997 hehe


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